Sunday, October 13, 2013

Me.Today Exercise

Journal entry:
For the past few weeks, I've taken my overeating seriously. I realize it is self sabotage to happiness in my life.   I've had good days and bad and a few horrible days. It seems when I tell others that I am doing something regarding my weight, I do the opposite. Self sabotage to happiness. Well, I continue to face this demon in my life and tonight I am adding on exercise. Not a lot, just enough to kick me into gear. Something manageable that I can do from home and then I will build from there. I don't want to set out to fail. The good news, I didn't beat my self up for the horrible days! I forgave myself quickly and moved on. That is progress to be proud of. When we overeat, a lot of this behavior comes from self hate. I am learning to go easy on myself which in turn will heal me.
How are you doing?

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