Saturday, November 30, 2013

Me. Today. Exercising Passionately

Journal entry....

Exercising passionately. Passionately is an odd word to choose in describing my latest exercise experience but I can't help but to feel passionate about it. It's changing my life and the way I look at food and myself. My last blog post was on October 13th about over eating and the reason there has been such a lapse in posting is because I haven't over eaten! Something clicked. I'm not going to food to heal my broken heart. Overeating has been a tool that I have used for years when I am in denial. Recently, I came out of denial with my diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder that I have known about and lived with for about twenty years. I run on the depressive end and honestly long for a few manic moments yet they are few and far between. What I have always really wanted was to be "normal", whatever that means. Bipolar does not define me but it is a fact and it is a part of who I am. You will never hear me talk about it outside of my close knit group of friends ( unless the subject comes up naturally). I don't announce it when I walk inside a room, yet I'm not afraid or ashamed of it either.
 Exercising passionately. I don't have a choice, it seems to be what keeps me from being down. It's a "med" that doesn't come in a bottle and it's a tool the Lord gave me as I prayed for something to give in my life, something to change. He helped me to see what I was lacking in my life. It's an amazing group of people that I exercise with weekly and the accountability helps as well. Plus, it kicks me in the but every week, gets me out of a funk and leads me to health and wellness for me and my family.
Mind, body and spirit are connecting. I'm connecting.

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