My Dream

"My dream is to help spread compassion to women and children inside and out of the church through showing the Lords love for them and directing them towards the path of salvation and or spiritual growth through, serving, writing, speaking, and spiritual counseling"

Follow my journey, and watch as I enter into all that God has for me.....

Friends whom have helped me stand on that firm foundation when I could not walk alone and when I had no strength to stand on that foundation which is Jesus Christ. They showed me Jesus..Heather, Jacqueline, Jessica, Melinda and Karen ( none of which are bloggers) funny!

And to my new friend Jennifer who dragged me up out of the pit when I met her via e-mail and phone calls after a horrific season in my life. She made me look into the mirror and see all that God has for me...she encouraged me to dream big, so I did. Little did she know, I had a childhood dream in me and I was  just waiting for His call.

And Gina,( my dear confident and friend who knew me well and loved me with the love of the Lord )
I will dream because you would say,
  " Donna, don't allow your dreams to drown in your sadness"

My sadness will fuel my dreams....for you  Gina
Gina passed away September, 2010 by suicide

to be continued.........

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