Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Me Today...Not giving up the good stuff

I'm on a mission to be healed from emotional eating. It's not healthy when I go to food because there is pain that I am running from and food is the refuge I seek to accomplish the soothing comfort I need. I've lost fifty pounds in the past three years and I don't run to food as much as I used to but it is still there. That ache to run to food, is there. Giving up emotional eating and going on a binge  does not mean giving up the good stuff. You don't have to give up baking pumpkin bread and replace it for carrots and celery. If that where the case I would fall of the wagon as soon as I get on. Right now I am in hyper vigilant mode because I need to cleanse and get back on track and loose some of the weight that I have gained over the past five weeks when I ate like a mad women during my Statistics class. I would literally be so stressed out that I would go through a fast food restaurant as soon as I got out of class at 10:00 pm at night, to feed my stress. Just within the past three days of eating gluten free, sugar fee, I feel like a new person.
Once I get back on track, I will be baking gluten free treats for my family and I will have one treat after dinner and not use it as a tool to relieve the pain within.
It's a bit frightening to go to this place of freedom because I've been hiding the pain and covering it with food. When I'm not using food to cover the pain it will rise up and I will have to face the ache that has been hiding for so long.

Do you have an inner ache? You may not even be aware of what it is until you stop overeating. When the pain arises don't run in fear, face it, cry and be cleansed and be proud that you went another day without eating emotionally.

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