Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Me Today...emotional eating no more

In my book that will be published one of these days, I have a chapter titled mamma has a knew pair of jeans. It's about eating disorders. Growing up, I struggled with a few different eating disorders but one that has yet to leave is over eating. When I am stressed, I go to comfort food. I will be posting my journey here for all who would like to follow. I'm hoping that putting it here will encourage others in my position who struggle with the same issue....

Today, I ate well, healthy, gluten free and when I wanted to grab something to eat at 10:00 pm after taking a Statistics final, I grabbed carrots. 
One day at a time. 
How about you? If you don't go to food when you struggle with stress, how do you process your pain? I am hoping to spend more time exercising along with journal entries and more time with the Lord.
ps this is hard to write about because over eating is so socially accepted. I don't judge anyone but if you are ready to break free, take this journey with me!
See you tomorrow. 

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Jen Wagenmaker said...

You inspire me friend. Believing in you with all of your hopes and dreams. God is faithful.