Monday, May 27, 2013

Me. Today. Pressing into God

I was reminded today that the pain does not go away.
That pain that is big coming from wounds deep, yet God is near. And He is hear to stay.
But I do feel the pain going away. The pain from my friend dying suddenly by suicide. The pain of a divorce due to domestic violence and affairs.
Yes, the pain is real and hard but it's leaving. It's being replaced by beauty, His beauty that He can only find. He is the only one, my Lord that can mend my broken heart. And He is.

Do you ever carve a path of pain in your own life?

I read blogs and go on Facebook only to find myself jealous which is something new that has come up within my heart, my new ugly monster within. Even though the pain is less I continue to carve a path of pain. But God says this for my life.

It is finished. The pain, the heartache, the brokenness of despair. The games that have been played within my is finished.

I give Jesus the jealousy of wanting the perfect family life that everyone else out there in cyber world seems to have, and I let Him forgive me and set me free.

Today I am free from the fantasy that everyone else is fine and I'm not, I know better.

I'm in the process of writing a book.....

                              "Crazy Happens on the Road that Leads Home"
                                               A Redemptive Journey

kicking down the white picket fence of suburbia... memoirs of Donna Bishop Wirth

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