Sunday, July 24, 2011

Me.Today. Missing sweet angel pie

Missing my sweet angel pie , a nick name for my daughters and miss Gina....

My friends and I have silly names for each it sisterhood sillies.

I grew up with a brother and always wanted a sister... The Lord blessed me with a few..but the one I am missing today is my sister, Gina.

She went to live with Jesus almost 1 year ago and my heart still aches with sadness and screams with joy as I remember "Q" ...I always think Gina resembled Queen Esther in the Bible. The Lord blessed Gina with a messy calling which she was obedient to....right up until the Lord opened up His arms to welcome her home.

One of my favorite photos that Gina took..
I call it: art, a friendship before me.

"The cross before me. The world behind me."
Jay was Gina's first new friend in Asheville..she adored his family and his listening ear.

sweet angel pie= a great friend

I laugh, she didn't like pictures taken of her. She would say, "now why did you post that picture to your blog?" I once told her.."get in front of that camera girl, your kids need to know how beautiful you are inside and out"

sweet angel pie= classic beauty & a great mom.

She loved her photography family....Jeff made her laugh, smile. So did this community.
This makes me happy.

Sweet angel pie= great photographer, giver of laughter as well as one who loved to be on the receiving end of joy.

She loved her family...

sweet angel pie= A great sister...

She knew of gifts that I didn't even know I had..she exposed my creative side.

She became the sister I dreamed of as a little girl.

She encouraged my missionary spirit, ya know the one who wants to change the world...she liked my big dreams...

She gave me new our circle of love....friends who will never forget.

Sweet angel pie= we will never forget.

September 25th, the day I heard of Gina's exit from this world.

I will be celebrating this September 25th, 2011..doing something really special...


Jay DePoy said...

I'm still struggling with this tragic mystery. Never really sure what to say... I did not know her are "Sweet Angel Pie" or TJ's "Queen", but I did know her exhaustion love. She poured every ounce of energy into the exploration of God's grace and the beautiful family that He had blessed her with.

Thank you for these words, Donna. She loved you as much as she loved anyone on earth - you know this!

Prayers remain for Lucas, Leila and Liam.

Sometimes tears are the prayer language of a broken heart, interpreted by the Spirit as groans for redemption...

*Romans 8:26-30

Nesting Momma said...

Yes, Jay I too struggle with the tell the story when words are difficult...tears are truly the expression of love, pain and the spirit moving.

h&b said...

I wish I knew how the kidlets were doing. I wonder about them often and miss Gina's regular updates of their smiling cheeky faces.

I wonder if they are ok :(

Nesting Momma said...

Hi our Australian friend! H & B..I miss her blog posts too and her cheeky looks and personality!I cling to the memories I have of her! Her kids are doing Ok. Wish I had more updates of them..trying! xo

Drea said...

I knew Gina thru blogging.. for years.... I still cant believe shes gone...