Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Me. Today. Running into His arms of Love

In the mountains, under the shadow of a shade tree..He comes to me.

In my darkest hour, when He is my only hope and I fear I won't find Him. He comes to me.

I know His love, His tender touch.

How could I love Him less? He holds me. He fills my bent and battered cup, the cup has been

kicked, dented, lost...He shines it and fills it.

It's Beautiful. I'm beautiful because He says so.

Bad choices covered by Grace and forgiveness.

Friends who died too soon.

Dreams that take my breath away..yet I stray.

I can't trust right now. The vision is too large to escape.

Maybe He made it too big so that I would never find my way out as far and as fast as I can run....I run but there is no end in sight.

He is eternal. The dream. The vision eternal.

So in my lack of faith, trust, hope, not wanting to disappoint. Yet staying obedient will disappoint many of His children..can I run Lord?

He says yes, The Lord Speaks:

"but I've planned for this time, your fear, your lack of hope. Donna, I've covered it with Grace. That hurts. I know, do you wish everything would have gone perfectly? Do you wish obedience wasn't messy? Do you wish that walking with me was easy? If I did not allow you to fall, to doubt; If I did not hold you when you look into my eyes asking me to allow you to stop; If I did not love you through your pain and mistakes; I wouldn't be the Lord, the world wouldn't see Grace..they would see human tenacity, they would see human strength. But now, they see your beautiful humanness and my ability to love you through your faults. Your lack of hope. Your wanting to run."

Run, into my arms, my Love. Grace is waiting to embrace you.


So I wait..and try to trust.
Thank you for loving me Lord, even when my heart can't trust.


Jen Wags said...

I love how you allow Him to write through you to your broken heart. I'm not sure what your brokenness is from, but He does. Continued trust and obedience will bring your soul rest. One thing I do know... HE LOVES YOU and you are incredibly special to Him. ;)

Nesting Momma said...

What a blessing you are Jen. Yes, He brings rest. So I wait and trust and run to Him for strength.