Saturday, August 6, 2011

Me.Today. A friend came near.

In a dream.

I've never met this new friend. She had dark, curly hair, ringlets like a little girl. It was as if we met in elementary school or maybe it was because she was at the end of her life, battling cancer that she became a little girl. She walked the party free without feeling insecure a feeling she said that she has never felt before. Free. She usually hid behind a bitter smile, judging others inside while showing a smile that could light up the world. She said the ugly, bite is a feeling she had carried with her forever but noticed it was slowly fading. She came to the party with her husband...He was everything she had always dreamed of, he rescued her from the dark depths of despair. Her life. The inside ugly feeling. He gave her a ring as she came up out of the baptism.

She was a new child. Rescued. Saved.

Yet, she carried the pain with her. Not letting go. He, her husband knew her pain and handed it over to the Lord daily because this he could not rescue her from..only He could.

He (her beautiful super man of a husband) was hit with the pain of her bitterness daily. This she is sorry for.

But today she was free.

The dark, curly haired little girl fascinated me. I knew her? No, I didn't. She ignored her husband the whole night. Not because she didn't want to be near him but because she new she was letting go. We set at the table for dinner. Banquet tables with white linen. Guests dressed in casual attire fitting for the weather. Dark, gray, cloudy evening. We were in lounge wear. Sweats. Tired souls from the long journey. She sat next to me. Her husband circled the tables chasing a toddler who was too busy to sit down. That in itself was beautiful but he never took his eyes off of us. Yes, the two of us sitting together at the banquet table. The dark, curly haired beauty began to look at each guest one by one and thanked them for loving her. She told each one what they meant to her and offered up encouragement to continue in this life. Everyone at the party new of this dark, curly haired girl...except me. I knew her from pictures. But didn't know her.

She looked at me.

I was the last one she spoke to. She asked me if I was ready for the next part of the journey in my life. I smiled a tear filled, exhausted smile. And said, "let His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." She smiled and whispered, "Heaven my soon to be new home. Cancer is walking me to my Saviour." Then this dark, curly haired "little girl" said, "what do you want to do next?" I said, " enjoy the memories of you, my life, accomplishments, share the wealth with others and be a mom. Be a mom with lots of kids. And be a good wife. A great wife."

Rather peculiar statement by me because I am a single mom with two kids. But it's a dream right?

This dark, curly haired beauty looked at me and said, " you are a good mom, a good wife. I pass on my dream to you...enjoy chasing those babies."

Then we looked down, and noticed coloring pages. We began to color them not noticing what the other guest were doing. When I looked up as we finished our pages, we had both colored in the lines, grass green, sky blue, pretty princess in pink with dashes of blue in her sashes.

A rainbow color on kiddie coloring pages, colored exactly the same.

We were the last ones to leave the party. She kissed her husband who was holding the busy toddler then walked away.

She was headed to another banquet. Only she was invited. A feast between the dark curly haired girl and her beloved Saviour.

She looked back at me (the dark, curly haired beauty) with that smile that could light up the world, bitterness had faded as she blew me a kiss.


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