Saturday, February 21, 2009

My schedule...

Well, I made this blog public again in hope that I would post on it. I just can't find the time. How I see this blog is " when inspiration happens, I'll post" so it may be days before I post again or weeks, or months. My life is full and I love every last thing I've been called to. I've been going to bed early, getting up early and doing a quiet time with the Lord at least 4-5 days a week. I need time with God. More time then the chats we have throughout my busy day! This time has been refreshing and gives me hope for the tough decisions our family has had to make over the past year.

Last May, we sold our house and we now rent a lovely house with a huge backyard. We might have to downsize once again in order to pay off our debt which is a huge priority. I see how in tough times, families that are debt free stress less. One can live on very little if they have very little...

So as I home school, try to keep my house in order, work from home with Blessed Nest and honor God with being a good wife, mom and friend...the day is full! Funny to some my life looks like chaos. I do a lot. But for me, my life is full of good things from the Lord and the beauty of homeschooling is that I have a flexible schedule. I know what I want to get accomplished in a school year with the girls. How we do that, well it may change daily depending on what other challenges come to call.

I'm at peace, stress level is lower then it has been in years....but this poor little blog is lonely. Oh well...I think it will do just fine until I return next!

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Rebecca said...

I love that you posted even if it is just a small update. I keep your blog on my reader because I know you will come back :)

Tackling debt is so hard..been there, done that. But I have never owned a home - we are currently waiting to hear on our offer on our very first house! It is exciting and scary all at once.