Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heart of the Matter~ Catching Up

Happy New Year! I will be spending the rest of January catching up on reading. The new year brings fresh starts and organization to me. I want to grab hold of the newness and get myself on track! I love Heart of the Matter! I save their daily e-mails in a folder. There are so many treasures on the site and honestly I can't find the time to get through all the reading. So I will be finding all of the treasures in my e-mail folder and gleaning from their wisdom!
Heart of the Matter has began a wonderful on-line study. Looking into the lives of women in the Bible. It is really simple and takes only a few minutes or longer if you choose. I attend CBS (community Bible Study) and there is a lot of homework, I'll do what I can with the on-line study but just wanted to pass on this treasure to you as well!

This is what stood out of the study for my life this month. Check out the study and let me know what you learned from it as well!

Taken from Heart Of the Matter Study:
"Temptation is never ugly. Never has been. Imagine that apple, or if that doesn’t work for you, imagine a GIANT Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Bar dangling in front of you. See where this is going?? Temptation is the urge to stay in bed rather than getting up and beginning the day with organization. Temptation is not exercising. Temptation is looking at things we shouldn't’t and turning away from the things we are called to passionately notice.

Eve was surrounded by beauty and blessings. Aren’t we all? Sadly, it’s often not enough and we look out of the corner of our eye and find ourselves tempted, much like Eve. Perhaps it’s in understanding the temptation of Eve and her fall that we can not only come to understand her, but appreciate her lessons."

I'm not sure how much I will post here this month but you never know! Please comment if stopped by! I would love to visit you as well!

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HomeGrown Life said...

What a great excerpt from your study... so convicting and really speaks to some of the temptations that I face (sleeping in, not exercising and that chocolate bar, well...). Thanks Donna!