Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I posted this on FaceBook , but thought it would be fun to put it here. Different crowd..LOL

If you want to write a 25 things about yourself, I would love to read your list. So tag me if you write one. But if you don't well that's OK too...

If I tagged you I thought you would either have fun with it or you tagged me so you get to read mine now!

1) I don't like FW in my in box and I don't like "memes" ( if you're a blogger you know what I mean.) If I get a FW from anyone I usually just delete before opening. Sorry

2) I'm writing this 25 things about myself because well, not sure why. Just because. Sometimes I am a follower.

3) I was a follower in High school...I now see myself as more of a leader. Guess I learn the hard way. If you don't like following be a leader.

4) I would love to be a crafty person but can't even hem a pair of pants. I guess I just have good taste in the Arts but am not artsy. I am creative - if only in my head. I appreciate creative types and love telling others about my creative and talented friends.

5) Love to market other peoples wonderful ideas. I guess I figure if I can't make it I can at least help someone else make something of it.

6) I am a good sales person all though I hate being considered a "sales person" or even in the sales industry. I long to find creative titles for my, sales describes a boring position yet is such an exciting job. If you have an exciting product.

7) I find being a mom is much harder then I would have ever guessed and has blessed me more then I could have ever imagined.

8) I like red wine, Indian Food so does my husband

9) My husband Joel and I both want to go to Vietnam, India and Dubai...before we ever even met. We have so many odd things in common.

10)Cars bug me and I want to take the subway but live in CA

11) I want to live in Maine

12) I want to buy all organic and become a part of a organic co-op and buy from local farmers and have a local organic chef come over and cook for me every Sunday and freeze for the week. I girl can dream.

13) The only subjects I did well in during my high school years where creative writing and photography. I was not a great student and remember asking my mom if I could take the test to graduate in 10th grade. I just wanted to own a business.

14) My 5 year old loves piano, math and is very outgoing. I don't understand her and she is my best little buddy. I love getting to know her everyday. We have very little in common yet we both do have a love and compassion for people.

15) Tabitha and Sophie said they will be living in Mexico or South America when they grow up? OK!

16)I love to read to my little girls. We read about 1 hour a day and have a joy of a time doing it. Even when it's books only a 5 year old and 3 year old could love....

17) I love to be outdoors and spend a large part of our day outside.

18) I love to bake and I want to learn how to can fruit this year.

19) I want to compost this year.

20) My 3 year old is just like me...a quirky dry sense of humor and shy.

21) I have visited 50 states and traveled to Australia New Zealand, Scotland, England, France, Mexico...I love to just pick up and go. Even if it is to our local mountains.

22) I don't like schedules and thrive in a very un-structured environment. I don't even like lists but in my old age have come to depend on them

23) I struggled with depression for 7 years and I am free from feeling the depths of despair. I have compassion for those who do struggle with it and hate the negative stereotype it has in society. Someone once told me we are as sick as our secrets and most people try to hide in their depression. That won't bring health and healing.

24)I love to make up silly songs and dances with the girls.

25)I don't watch TV and haven't for about 10 years. I sometimes have a favorite show in a season but burn out and decide it's not worth watching. I do let me girls watch TV. I don't think it's all bad. It just doesn't interest me.




Anonymous said...

Wow. I've been to about 10 states and also need to learn more about canning. LOL!! Nice list!

Rebecca said...

So... why Maine?

Nesting Momma said...

Rebecca, Maine is beautiful. I love the east Coast but always think I would miss the ocean. Winter season, the lighthouse's, the coast. The lobster! just LOVE it there. Plus a train ride to NY and PENN which I love too.