Friday, September 21, 2007

Nice Matters

I received this award from Becki at A Walk Through The Valley. It was a while back when she posted this but today seems like a good day to accept the "blessing". Several of my long time friends are going through hell. It breaks my heart to watch them go through such trying times. All I can do is offer a listening ear and pray. This award says nice matters. That is awesome and I think it does. I hope both in my friends lifes and in the lives of the friends I have found in the blogosphere that being a kind voice matters. I know it does in my life and in the comments I receive. I posted a link below. Please visit if you or your spouse has left the marriage. I do believe that their are reasons for divorce as in abuse but if the marriage is ending just because you are not "meshing" "falling out of love" etc please hold on to your marriage and join with others who can fight the fight against the enemy in this covenant of marriage that God deems so highly. He hates divorce not because "you are doing something bad" He hates it because of all the ashes and pain it leaves behind. Thanks Becki for the love.
I pass this on to everyone on my link list on the side bar. I honestly have received such kindness from you all!

Our Church This is a site developed by a women who is standing for her marriage. Let her know of your situation and she’ll be praying for you.

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