Friday, September 21, 2007


I received this devotional a couple of days ago via e-mail. It speaks directly into my life and I thought it might be something you would like to hear also. Thanks for visiting and walking down this path with me!

"There are new things planned for you. Behold all the old stale stuff is passing away. Your life will change dramatically for I am about to start using you in a new way. Don't be amazed when doors close behind you. They are meant to close. I am not a man that I should lie. Behold new doors are opening up for you; big doors, leading to big places. Just hold on and don't be discouraged. Your life is in My hand; nothing missing, nothing lacking. I am opening new doors of ministry to you that wasn't open before. You will run wild with the gospel, converting many, for My hand is securely upon you to prosper the work of My hands through you. Don't look back. Only look forward with great expectation. I have chosen your new path. I am shaking and I am changing and I am putting people into place where My Spirit wills. You are being uprooted and replanted. Time for change is here. Don't be surprised that I am doing this. My people have been crying out to Me for change and I have heard them. I am moving and I am shaking and I am making way for new ways and new things. It is time for a reshuffling. Already people are being reshuffled. This is for My purposes and for My plans. Also in the Heavenlies there is a reshuffling taking place. Spiritual government is changing and it will soon affect the natural realm. In these times keep hope. The darkness you experience is only and illusion because I have chosen not to reveal everything. Don't despair, keep your stand. To hold on to Me and onto My promises in this time is the key. I have never forsaken you and I will hold you tight forever. Feel My Spirit stirring inside you. Feel My touch. I am as near as ever. I am your comfort, I am your life, I am the God that you have chosen and I have chosen you. You are special, you are amazing and I am very pleased with the progress that you have made. I love you, child. Your name is before Me always."

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