Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Have A Date!

My husband is taking me to the opening night of Magdalene. It is a play/musical hosted by my home church Rock Harbor. It is a professional play with professional Christian actors. I don't say this to boast in my Church. It is just exciting to see such a great out reach program right in my own back yard. We have invited those that don't know Christ to these plays and they are impressed. It's funny when we first started to attend RH six years ago, it was really hard for me to adjust to a "mega" Church. I came from a Church of 200 people and it was like family. Now that we have been involved for 6 years, I love it. It is so exciting to join the journey of a family of believers who have a heart for the lost and unChurched. I am off to enjoy an amazing musical with my husband, at our Church and learn more about the stories of Christ and how He loved us all so much that He does not want even one person to perish but have eternal life!

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