Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have never been ashamed of the gospel of Christ but I have been hesitant in sharing that I am a Christian at times. I believe in evangelism through example and sharing as the Lord leads. I am sensitive to were others are at spiritually when sharing my faith. Lately I have been wondering what kind of example I am being to my neighbors. We have a great neighborhood. We know most of our neighbors. We often chat with those living around us when we are out walking or playing. In the past year I find myself very busy and rushed. When getting into the car with my girls, I am often rushing them and telling them to hurry;arguing at times. How does that look to my neighbors? Is a question I have been pondering. A couple of days ago our neighbor across the street came over and asked if we could watch her house,pick up the mail and take out the trash cans while they were gone on vacation. We said of course and then I asked her about the trip. She immediately told me of the fun things that they were planning to do but than began to share her thoughts on how stressed out she has been and even with planning their vacation.She is not a believer and is the one who usually witnesses my grumpy moods. It is one of the few times she has been "real" with me. I heard the small whisper of the Lord say in that moment well done good and faithful servant. Now I don't say that to pat myself on the back. I am telling you this story to hopefully encourage you in your walk. Jesus does not ask for perfection but He does ask for repentance which means "to change". I am far from perfect. I raise my voice, I make mistakes with my children but the fact that I am an open book to those that don't know the Lord, I feel is somewhat of a good example. Maybe as they see my flaws,they feel safe to have flaws of their own.I pray that my neighbors see my need for a saviour and the fact that I can approach the Lord "dirty" and He will wash me whiter than snow.
My prayer.....Lord may we approach you as the Lord who is our strength. You did not die for the well but for the sick. We are all sick in one way or another. Let our transparent lives be an example of your love for us and not a hindrance to those searching for truth.

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HomeGrown said...

So true. Do our lives reflect Christ and show that "difference" that others will notice? That is a question I have to stop and ask myself more often. And as Paul says to always be ready to give an answer (being Christ in us) as to WHY we're different (my paraphrase!). It's often in the little moments where I slip up most. This was a very encouraging post. And very honest too.