Thursday, February 14, 2013

Me. Today. Still Dreaming Big

It was the 1990's when I rededicated my life to the Lord. I was so eager to know the Lord on a deeper level that I believe He is the one who directed me down the path to Youth ministry at Mariners Church. It was there that I met Becky, who had a ministry to encourage women to grow closer to God through prayer and telling their story. I thought, "simple enough." I can pray and I can tell my story. So, I bought what I think was one of her first books written on the power of prayer.

Wild Things Happen When I Pray. I took the book literally and wanted this deep intimacy with the Lord found in prayer but I also wanted to partner with Him, praying in Faith with an expectant heart.  This book encouraged me to dream through prayer. I took my inspirations on what life could possibly hold for me and brought it all to the Lord. He has been faithful to guide me. I also, read that Martin Luther King spent three hours a day praying, so I did too.

I believed and still do, that God can move mountains through prayer.

The Lord is doing the moving of the mountains but as C.S. Lewis says," through prayer we simply get to be a part of what God is already doing." I began to pray for our Government and anything I thought the Lord was showing me to pray for no matter how crazy it seemed. There was even a three year season  when myself , a surfer, ex- drug user, Engineering Student from Brazil, getting his masters, got together and formed a prayer team specifically about the CIA and possible corruption. I know, we sound like complete crazy people.
Regardless of what we are ...were. Crazy that is. We are dreamers, We, I, believe that God can do anything through prayer and I wanted to be a part of it.

I haven't prayed with this kind of authority in years. It's time to enter into this season again.

I had a dream in the 1990's and a girl, well my voice instructor, said," don't ever give up on that dream." I took voice lessons for one year because I needed to find my voice. In the midst of entering into a season of chaos when I was remembering childhood abuse, I had a hard time expressing myself. I couldn't even bring myself to worship. Did I take voice lessons because I wanted to be good at singing or be on the worship team? NO! I took them because I knew it would bring healing and it did. Singing helps me integrate my broken parts.

My Dream: To help women and children integrate their broken hearts and minds through the arts. music, acting, dance,art. Do I have a talent in these areas? No. But I have a dream to see women and kids who have no self esteem to jump out of the box and do something expressive with their bodies and minds. This concept for someone who has been abused is frightening! So, I am not giving up on my dream.

And guess what? I found out that their may be a masters program developing at my school in "Organizational Psychology." Can I dance, sing, act or draw? No, but I can find healing in doing so and I can organize a group to do time.

Just reminding Myself that Wild Things Happen When I Pray........

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