Friday, April 13, 2012

Me. Today. Humbled

I've had the sense of heaviness lately. It hasn't been a depression; that is all to familiar and I know it well.

No, not depression. It is a call to intercessory prayer....It's a call I've had on my life and when ignored I feel it.

I get pictures of people in my mind and pray, events, pray, government, pray. Whatever comes to mind as the spirit leads I pray.

The Lord has used this gift as a way of keeping my eyes off of myself. I struggle with depression and have come to learn that when I am in a low cycle or a high cycle, God encourages me to pray for others not myself.

I'm selfish. Self focused....sigh


It's Grace.

It's healing.

And it comes in the package of prayer.

Today. I'm Humbled.


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Jen Wags said...

I love it! He has such a high calling over your life. He is taking you to a whole new territory girlfriend! Praising Him in advance for His provision for your trip to Michigan in October. You are loved!