Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Me. Today. Dreaming

Letting you into my random thoughts and crazy dreams. This probably should be left to my private blog..but what the hey, here it goes.

A girl can dream..and so I do.

I want to retire soon from the CIA (hahaha) no, really I do. Working undercover is tough. I'm tired. Maybe if I out myself hear, they will have to let me retire?

You think?

Then all I really want to do is buy some therapy dogs such as a Dalmatian and retriever but I do need to wait until we have our ranch with horses. Dalmatians love horses and are high maintenance so it would fit well with our family! hehe Yes, a girl can dream.

Yes, I want to retire this year and "play with my kids and animals while drinking lemonade on my front porch which looks out onto the vast country side" ahhh..I can't wait!

I've also been asked to write my story down. It may be published as a collection of stories written by a circle of Christian women. I may be speaking about my story and......

I will be writing fiction. I don't read fiction so it makes me laugh that the Lord may be calling me into writing fiction. But I've been making up stories in my head for 40 years. Now, it's time to have fun with them instead of fear how my mind works.

I can't wait to see what the Lord does next.

Call me crazy? It's OK. I know I am.

"When you're living in crazy. You're going to feel crazy"
quote from a wonderful pastor at my church....

For some reason God has handed me a lot of crazy. I'm starting to be OK with it and wonder how He will use it all..

To be continued..........

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Jen Wags said...

And so it begins. :)