Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Discerning Moments

This post was found through The Foundation for American Christian Education

The critical lesson of history to Christian Americans at the conclusion of the 2008 presidential election is the essential role of character in the sustenance of civil liberty. Rollin's Ancient History, 1730, speaks to this discerning moment:

. . . it highly concerns us to know by what methods [nations] were founded; by what steps they rose to that exalted pitch of grandeur which we so much admire; what it was that constituted their true glory and felicity; and what were the causes of their declension and fall.

But another object of infinitely greater importance, claims our attention . . . [History] proclaims universally the greatness of the Almighty, his power, his justice, and, above all, the admirable wisdom with which His Providence governs the universe . . . that God disposes all events as supreme Lord and Sovereign; that he alone determines the fate of kings and the duration of empires; and that he transfers the government of kingdoms from one nation to another because of the unrighteous dealings and wickedness committed therein.

If the blessings of liberty are to be maintained, they need to be carefully identified and cherished by each generation. Let us not break faith with those whose blood was shed in behalf of us--their posterity. Let us be faithful to the next generations who follow us.

Rollin's Ancient History, 1730 quoted in Verna Hall's
The Christian History of the American Revolution: Consider and Ponder, p. 602, 604-605.

Today we are called to a new resolve to instruct our generation in the Word of God and the lessons of His providential Story.


Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you opened this blog back up! :)

"the plan they can't ban" I love that!

This article is so great. We all have to remember that God knows what will happen and despite whether we like the outcome of our election, God has a plan that will fulfill His purpose...

"that God disposes all events as supreme Lord and Sovereign; that he alone determines the fate of kings and the duration of empires"

Nesting Momma said...

I knew you would love the "plan they can't ban"


Anonymous said...

Great post! Too many people have no idea where we came from or in what direction we should be going.

Glad you're blogging here again! I'll pop in when I get a chance. Missed you!!