Thursday, January 3, 2008

up-date from Kenya

I received this e-mail today from missionary friends of ours in Kenya. Please read for an up-date on the situation. Please pray as they have two small children! I thought it good to post here because the Internet is full of powerful prayer warriors. Please feel free to copy and paste to your blog and ask for prayer!
Thank you,

Dear friends , family , and supporters

The situation here continues to increase here as the man who didn't win the election
continues to stir people up. Yesterday they tried to have a gathering at a park
downtown and riot police shut it down however it starts near our house which is
close to Kibera one of the slums. We were boxed in as all roads that lead from our
house out of the city were closed. Many times during the day we heard
rallies/rioters and gunshots. We even saw on the Kenyan news the streets near our
house that is how close it came. Now that you are getting news in America of our
lovely country maybe you saw near where we live J At this point after talking with
several missionaries we are going to pack a bag just in case and have our passports
ready. This would be the worst case scenario and one we hope will not come to
fruition. Our plan would be to leave the city by car and caravan with AIM
missionaries over the border into Tanzania and then see if we would need to
evacuate. Hopefully it will quite down this weekend but supposedly another rally
is planned for Tuesday. This is really hurting the economy and the whole city has
been shut down. Many people work in the city center and no one wants to get caught
in anything. Public transportation has also been shut down within the city and into
the city. The main concern is that no supplies food and gas are able to come up
from the coast into town so people are scrambling for food. We are hoping it
doesn't come to anything so hopefully supplies will come this weekend. I think we
will go out to the local store again today and stock up again.

This is the first time we have really felt concerned for our safety here. There
have not been any reports of looting in larger homes besides the slums and no
Americans have been hurt so far but not sure how long it will take for things to
quite down. Kenyan schools have been delayed a week in opening and not sure it
will affect our school or not.

Here is our prayer requests
1/ Peace would come back to Kenya as we were supposed to be one of the more stable
countries in Africa
2/ the leader who did not win the election would stop trying to incite people I
think it is his hope to show the president that if he doesn't step down there will
never be peace
3/ for our personal family safety and that we wouldn't live in fear. We live on a
secure compound with good locks on all our doors

Thank you for your continued prayers
Kara for the Gibsons

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