Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Thirteen reasons I am thankful

1.I have two little girls.

2.I have an amazing, helpful, supportive husband.

3. My girls are healthy.

4. My husband is healthy

5. I am healthy

6. My mom was just diagnosed with celiac disease. Yes, I am thankful because they thought she might have something life threatening and it ended up being an intolerance to wheat and grains and sugar. We are grateful that she can simply change her diet and be well.

7. The fires in California are settling down.

8. Many in California are offering their support and extra rooms for those without shelter after loosing their homes.

9. I attend a Church that has jumped in and is supporting those effected by the fires.

10. I live close to my immediate family.

11. My mom watches the girls once a week so that I can work or run errands.

12. I have the opprotunity to home school my girls.

13. I live in California where resources and fun are at our fingertips.

Have a wonderful TT


Rebecca said...

This is such a great list! I am so happy that the fires are starting to calm - and I am sad that the one in LA was started by a young boy playing with matches - but, on the bright side (if there is one) bless his heart for honesty...I feel for him, he must be going through so much guilt.

I still haven't heard about the cause in San Diego - any word?

You ARE blessed to home time goes on I just don't know if I have what it takes to do that...I still have time to think on it before kindergarten...

Anonymous said...

Great list! And #8 - wow! It's amazing to know that in there are people in this world still willing to put themselves out like that. I'm planning to homeschool my little ones too.

SHERRY said...

You have an amazing list. Thank you for sharing it with us!