Sunday, August 26, 2012


My girls start school tomorrow and I'm supposed to this week but my financial aid has not gone through as of yet so it may put me off another month or two. Am I frustrated? No! God is in control. He makes no mistakes so I'm in the waiting mode once again. I'm going to take this time to go deep with Jesus. I long for a deeper relationship with Him. I want to run off to India with my girls and do ministry but that's not an option. God has made it clear that my ministry is hear for now but it is unfolding very slowly. I know my family comes first. I know. But I know we as a family will be in ministry together. What does that look like for a single mom with two girls? I have peace...I'll let you know what happens as my life unfolds. I read on face book that a pastor friend is having a meeting at his house on what does in mean to follow Jesus....I want to go even though I have been walking with Him for 20 years. What does it look like again?

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