Sunday, January 22, 2012

Me. Today. Laughing....

Through tears.
I've been through a lot. I'm currently going through one heck of a time but I laugh if even through my tears at times.

I see the bight, yellow sun and I soak it in.

I see the waves and I am reminded of how He is our soft breeze in the midst of the storm.

I meet women everyday it seems that are just like you and me. We look different, act different; but we all have stories. I'm having coffee tomorrow am with a new friend. We will be sharing our testimonies, stories. Really , just sharing life. I try to not worry about the future. It is just SO unknown. I was reminded today to ask the Lord in every situation (not just the big ones) what will you have me do? Lord, help us to remember to ask for your will and wisdom and to not just run into every situation that smells and looks pretty. Sometimes the pretty things are deceiving?!
Maybe He is giving you pretty, but He just wants you to remember to include Him in the gift and the surprise.

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