Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Me. Today. Government Invasion

I usually don't get political.

Then I received this video below in my in box tonight. It's the night before Thanksgiving Day and I was just thinking about my friend Gina who passed away last year. We both home schooled our children and all though I received e-mails updating me on laws regarding parental rights, I didn't really dive into educating myself on the subject. Gina dove in and took this issue very seriously. She was a para legal and understood the system much more then I ever could.

I see vision, Gina saw details. We were a good team!

I tend to get on my knees and pray for our country and don't ask for details unless necessary. There did become a time when she asked me to not only pray for specifics but to educated myself on the depth of this problem.

In the boldness that I learned from sweet Gina with her southern drawl, I urge you to educate yourself in the area of parental rights. Read about it, watch the video below.

Digest it.

For years I have been called to pray for all aspects of our government. A group of friends got together once a week about 15 years ago and we prayed 3 hours a week, for about 3 years. We prayed for our countries intelligence system,(the CIA) as we knew the corruption and corrosion of our country starts with our security. We knew that any change in congress, Presidency etc would not make a difference if our over all security was not in place. At the time that's about all the vision the Lord gave us...and we prayed.

A lofty prayer.

A heavy, weighty prayer.

A prayer that felt so out of control.

An exciting prayer because it was totally out of our control and in the hands of the one who created our world, our country and the God who could control even the CIA operating for our "security" in the USA. Jesus Christ the one and only living God.

He hears our prayers.

Our prayer group was a bunch of miss fits.
A stay at home, home school mom, and an ex miss fit..(long story) ME
A surfer/ pro body-boarder turned home school mom.
An ex pot smoker and amazing photographer.
And a Brazilian citizen who was in the USA for school to become an Engineer.

I miss those days....I still pray. This video below is true. It's about how our government is in the midst of making a decision that could take our parental rights away. Think Carl's not good. It's real. Take the time to listen. It's 35 minutes.
Then pass it on. It's not a home school issue. Heck, my kids are in public school this year. It's not a political issue. It's a parental rights issue.

PS If I come up missing, the CIA probably kidnapped me...haha I have to say I love a good conspiracy chat. This one however is right on the spot. No sci fi.

It's reality folks.

Video via

Thankful that we are free to share this via the web today. Thankful Lord that YOU are totally in control. Thankful for Gina, my prayer partners and of course my relationship with you Lord.

I'm at peace because I've found Jesus.

Do you have any stories of how the Lord has answered prayers from seasons past? I would love to hear them! I know many small groups over the years have prayed these exact same prayers.

Prayer does bring the walls down!

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