Saturday, June 18, 2011

Me. Today. I just Can't Get Enough

Stay with me here...Yes, I am going to tell you what I think this video is all about or well, my interpretation of it.

Yes, I like the black eyed peas.
Yes, I love Jesus.
Yes, I think they are ingenious story tellers.

ABOUT :Just Can't Get Enough....The Lord gave the writer a vision of true love. Fergies true love. She sees that love will show up the future...she will have to wait for her true love, maybe decades.

But it's worth it.

The vision is her demon.Her addiction. Something that haunts her. Was the vision from the Lord? Or her imagination? While she waits and longs for the Lord's man for her, she also has a beautiful love relationship with her Saviour, the Lord. She just can't get enough of Jesus as the vision He gave her is haunting.

"the boy" her man will come on the scene...and feel like "mr macho" when he sees how she has been longing for him, waiting for the vision to come about.."the boy" has to wait until the Lords perfect timing to go to her...he is vexed and deep, head over heals in love.

When will the Lord bring them together?

Far fetched? Maybe.

We never know who the Lord is going to use.

Maybe the Black Eyed Peas had a mission.

Have a mission.

That all may know Him. ALL.

Do they have vision? I think so.