Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me. Today. down, weary & in love with Jesus

Wish I could say different. The down part. Weary me.

I struggle with depression.

I'm tired of hiding it. Running from it. Fearing it.

Silence cuts deeper then depression.

The blues are a part of me. A part of my chemical make up. I've "played this song" since I was five.

Do I ignore, run from it? No, it doesn't work.

Ask Jesus into it? YES.

I had a 7 year break from feeling the heaviness of it's back but because I know it so well, I'm not afraid of it.

Are you afraid of your depression?
I see how many Christians can't look at depression. Look at it..

and if you are far from God, looking for a Saviour..know that the Lord will walk with you in your depression. He may or may not take it from you.

I just know while it's "visiting" I will not be fearful. Annoyed, put out, frustrated. YES, fearful NO.

Depression is messy. But Jesus loves to clean up the mess. And He may even make something beautiful of it....create in me a new heart, creative, pure, imperfect me.

You love me, this I know. All of me.

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