Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Truth

We all have an inner ache at times. Some of us more then others. As a Christ follower, I know that Jesus is the only one who can really fill and heal that ache.
Is it hard not having a tangible hand to hold that is Christ Jesus? Sure it is. I want to hug my Father who is God and chat with and touch the robe of my best friend, who is Christ. He healed me from a broken past....I long to see Him. For now, I rest in the fact that He is truth and is a big God and the same God who healed me and continues to heal is the same God that can give me comfort through the power of His spirit. I know this. I write it here in hope that this fact sinks into my heart, mind and soul and I experience the feeling of His love and the continued healing of my broken heart.

Truth= Christ Jesus the one and only living God and our Saviour.

I struggle because of my brokenness in knowing the reality of my thoughts at times. What is memory? What is myth? I have areas of my life that are blocked out. I have real images that come to mind? Have I made up/designed my memories that they may cause comfort?

So glad that in all reality, this does not matter. My memory truth that is. What really matters is Jesus is truth and He loves me with His infinite love. Wow