Thursday, October 7, 2010

Train Wreck....

Today. In this moment, my life is a train wreck. There is pain, anger, frustration, damage control. A train wreck.....a mess, damage, hopelessness. But within the train wreck I see a light. I'm one of the survivors . I've survived. I will continue until the Lord decides different. I need to clean up, walk away from the crash and learn how to cope with the trauma done to my mental state, my mind: my thoughts are broken yet my Jesus is the doctor who sews my fractured mind back into a beautiful canvas of hope. I know love wins and I know HE loves me, love me. He does. I rest in the truth that God is good.

I want my girls to see the raw me. They need to know there is hope in times of wreckage. They need to know this if they are to live in this world and not only survive but thrive. They need to know that life has train wrecks. They may be in a few and although painful there is hope in Jesus and nothing else.

A dear friend died a horrific death last week. She did not survive the train wreck. I'm trying to find solid ground.
peace. xo

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