Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This is a prayer that I prayed for my friend and her husband as well as my family and yours...please join in praying with me today if you pray and know the Lord.

If you have net yet met our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Introduce yourself,(all though He all ready knows your name) he is waiting for you with open arms. Come as you are. He is the only one that can "fix" our brokenness. Let Him in and pray with us today.

We praise you because "A" is fearfully and wonderfully made by you.

We thank that yesterday was a good day.

We thank you that you have begun a good work in "A" and will bring it to completion.

We thank you that all though this is a hard path that you are taking Heather down, you are walking with her, holding her.

We thank you and believe that "A" will be healed, that their marriage restored.

We thank you for the Blessing of Blessed Nest may our new "home" in Baxter be prepared for "us" you provide the way, we trust you.

We thank you that you know my "J", you know his pain his struggle and his patience. Please honor his faithfulness. I ask boldly for this job in Santa Ana....that it would be a new beginning. We trust in your answer to be acceptable.

We thank you that today Heather will be on her journey towards physical healing and mental peace and freedom.

We thank you for that freedom that she knows.

We love you Lord. Walk hand in hand with all of us, I pray for the "gang" that they would see your truth and beauty in a new way and bless them for their faithfulness and friendship.

We thank you for our blogging friends who are faithful and true. For those that are believers and who are are all beautiful in His sight. Loved by the creator.

Bless my "friends" today. May they know your beauty and friendship and LOVE.

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