Friday, October 19, 2007

Be Surprised, Be Blessed

This little picture of So reminds me to look to Jesus with great expectation and be pleasantly surprised by His love. [Today at lunch my 2 year old prayed on her own. T and I had started to eat. It was so sweet that she just broke out in prayer on her own. Later when I played a worship song, they both sang and put their hands together. I am amazed at how the Lord uses these sweet girls when I least expect it!

This was e-mailed to my husband and myself from an amazing man who sends us a daily devotional. He sends it out to many but today he personalized it for us. I thought I would post it here so that I would read it often but to also, hopefully encourage you as well. I prayed about posting it and think it might hit home for some. Today I am tired, not physically but emotionally. I pray that the Lord ministers to your heart as well today!

Turn Around

I saw a corner of a room. It was a small corner and on the floor was a
crumb of bread. I was still, focusing on this tight corner, this crumb. It
was quiet there, still, gloomy. Then I felt the Lord telling me to turn
around. I thought I would see the rest of the room, but I didn't. What I
saw took my breath away. I saw a garden, but it was more than a garden.
Trees alive with blossoms and color, a blue sky that stretched beyond where
I could see, an explosion of flowers, birds singing and flying from tree to
tree, a waterfall cascading down smooth rocks, the sunshine dancing on the

The corner of the room and the crumb were forgotten as I stared in wonder at
the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. Then the Lord laid this in me:

Turn around for I have wonders for you that come from My storehouse in
Heaven. I have an abundance and all that I have is good and wonderful and
pure. I have and I have for you.

Why do you persist in sitting in your corner with your little? Why do you
cling to the shadows and have fear of the light? Do you believe that you,
the apple of My eye, are only worth that? That this is all I have for you,
that that is where I want you to be? No. No. Do not hide away in your
sadness, in your grief, but turn around, your eye has not yet seen what I
have in store for you.

Everything I have I give to you freely. Everything that comes from Me is
wonderful and pure and true. I will not bring confusion. I will not bring
lies. I have sent My Spirit to guide you, to tell you "This is the way, walk
in it." I have promised you and My promises are yes and amen. I have set
you aside, called you by name, watched you every day as you walked as you
grew as you learnt and always I love you.

Turn around now and walk into what I have given you from My abundance.
Claim what is yours. Walk into the light and let the weariness, the
sadness, the pain, melt from you as I heal, as you soak in My love, as I
repair, as I mend, as I restore all the places that are bruised. Come, spend
time with Me and heal for there is much that is coming your way. The
shadows will be left behind, it is a place that you will visit and remember
no more. Look, see, all things are new.

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