Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Generation of Elizabeth's

My Great-Grandmother, My Grandmother and my Mom;all amazing women. My Great Grandma's husband left her with six kids. They did not divorce as NO ONE did that in the 20's. She went on to raise six children herself. My Grandma and Grandpa loved each other with such a depth of commitment and joy. My Grandpa suffered from seizures and had them often in public. He also had cancer most of his life and died when I was three. My Mom is leading an amazing life but has had to deal with the strain of my Dad leaving and divorcing her after 30 years of marriage. What all of these women have in common is the amazing ability to push on. To mourn but to live for those who remain. They all have the reputation of never saying anything bad about anyone. They are strong, have an opinion and see the "bad" in people and life, not polyannas by all means but they do choose to look at life and people through the filter of "wow, wonder what the "pain" is in their heart,life." I'm just starting this post about my generation of Elizabeth's. I will also share aspects of my journey thus far. As you visit this blog it will probably feel as though you are reading my personal journal one day at a time. This blog is also where I will post my personal journey with home school, life etc. Be back soon to write more about these amazing women.

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